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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter In New York

Having spent a summer which she would never forget, gave Christine Cole something to think about during her winter back home.  She had never expected the things which happened to her to actually happen.  I mean...come on.  Who in the world, wins a competition, is flown to Japan, meets one of the hottest boy bands there, gets to live with them and falls in love with one of them? 
It’s just like a dream isn’t it?
Well in this story the dream ends and reality begins.

Will Christine be able to salvage her relationship even though she is miles away from the one she loves?
Will her past come back to haunt her and make her even more confused?
How will her friends react to her becoming a celebrity in Japan...for all the wrong reasons?
What will happen when something unexpected happens, and changes their lives drastically?

Like I said, the dream ends now, welcome to reality.

Winter in New York

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